Archive | December 20, 2008

So much still!


So since Christmas AND ALA are coming up very soon. Next two weeks that is. And I still haven’t bought presents let alone finish cosplay. I can’t believe how much I procrastinate -.-;;

I’ve been tihnking of poses to do for my cosplay… cause I think once you really get into character it turns out better~ Rather then just standing around XD

And I dunno… Smile with teeth? Or none.. or not at all? XD I so gotta work that out laters. Probably after Christmas though. Cause I’m booked till then. The dancing thing. Fashion show. My mom’s work. and I have to finish hw before ALA so I don’t have to rush it 11 pm on Sunday. XD;;

I guess I’ll think of something..

I had chior practice today though. I liked it better when it was just me kasu and another older girl cause now a whole bunch of people were there and I felt kinda… out. Like I was a subsitute for a week and the real people came back and now I’m just in the background. Its kinda sad T.T

And theres this girl that ticks me off so bad just because… I dunno. Maybe its because I feel she’s competition to me. Like.. she went to AX last year and I tihnk she just should stick to her preppy little group >.>;;

But anyways! So I cant wait for AX! I think I’ll get my group to dothe night of fire dance… muhahaha~


would’ve been great


It would’ve been great if I had my red dress that I wanted to buy.
Would’ve been great if I could sew so much better.
Would’ve been great if I didn’t have such a bad sleeping habit
Been great if I could stay young forver
Great if there was always a way out
If I had time
But I do have what I have now.
And I’m just fine with that~
Cause I know I’ll always get better!
And once you lose sight that there is always a way to imporove… well I think thats the meaning of life. to be yourself. To keep going forward.




Lol okay so I have been having fun with the camera..

But its like..11:30 right now. I’m finally outta enegry XD
Gonna ‘sleep’ Okay actually imma bring my DS in bed and probably fall asleep playing it… tabun. XD

I dunno. But this is just the start of my hectic yet leasurely winter break.
Lets see how this all turns out ne?

Just remember to make everyday worth while! Which is probably why my blog will be updated much during these next two weeks because… well this is like my jounral. I write things in here and late ron in the future I’m hoping that I can re-read this all, laugh, and be merry? XD