This is Love – Utada Hikaru <3

I dunno why I’ve been addicted to this song so much!
I wish I could sing it… but it actually is very hard >.<
I’ll get it enough. Probably why it’s been played over and over and over again for the past like 2 days~ lol!

I’m all hyper right now~ Dancing around (yea believe it)
If this was on tape.. IF, wow that’d be a sight. I’m not even cold~
And I’m in a skirt… tank top… and have a scarf on ^-^
The skirt and scarf I just made~ hehe
Just testing to see if it stays?
Though the skirt is a tad short… okay really short. but I can’t really do anytihng about it >.<
I guess thats why people made leggings and shorts! Which I should buy some leggings but… I don’t think they’d look good on me…

Naw I’ll stick with shorts. Cause I really don’t like leggings. Even if they are the trend now XD


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