Newly made~


So this is what I made!
Skirt. Scarf. And scarf again XD
The pink one is actually pretty cute… I think so at least. Very warm!

And the plaid.. well that was just for fun~ Experimental.
I was just working with fabric.. .and velcro XD Velcro is pretty easy to use~ I love it! hehe. Cheaper than zippers XD

But I like scarfs. Gotta use them now~ Since its winter! And making it is waaay cheaper… And I just make them from extra fabric anyhow~ So its all good for me ^-^;;

Almnost 10… maybe I’ll play the DS. Or do hw. Homework XD
I want to finish it early so I don’t have to rush it all before ALA >.<;;


2 thoughts on “Newly made~

  1. o.oこのスカトはかわいいだよ。ぼくはすきだ。。。かわいいえりまき。

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