Archive | December 19, 2008

Newly made~


So this is what I made!
Skirt. Scarf. And scarf again XD
The pink one is actually pretty cute… I think so at least. Very warm!

And the plaid.. well that was just for fun~ Experimental.
I was just working with fabric.. .and velcro XD Velcro is pretty easy to use~ I love it! hehe. Cheaper than zippers XD

But I like scarfs. Gotta use them now~ Since its winter! And making it is waaay cheaper… And I just make them from extra fabric anyhow~ So its all good for me ^-^;;

Almnost 10… maybe I’ll play the DS. Or do hw. Homework XD
I want to finish it early so I don’t have to rush it all before ALA >.<;;


This is Love – Utada Hikaru <3

I dunno why I’ve been addicted to this song so much!
I wish I could sing it… but it actually is very hard >.<
I’ll get it enough. Probably why it’s been played over and over and over again for the past like 2 days~ lol!

I’m all hyper right now~ Dancing around (yea believe it)
If this was on tape.. IF, wow that’d be a sight. I’m not even cold~
And I’m in a skirt… tank top… and have a scarf on ^-^
The skirt and scarf I just made~ hehe
Just testing to see if it stays?
Though the skirt is a tad short… okay really short. but I can’t really do anytihng about it >.<
I guess thats why people made leggings and shorts! Which I should buy some leggings but… I don’t think they’d look good on me…

Naw I’ll stick with shorts. Cause I really don’t like leggings. Even if they are the trend now XD


Kisses anyone?


Anyone want any kisses? ^3^

I mean hershey’s kisses!!! =P

Well for some reason I have this burst of happiness. Maybe cause I did finish a project I’ve been wanting to finish~ That’ll be in another post though!

So I am very happy~
Now I am eating more candi’s… yum.

And listening to this one song from Utada! I’ll also post up the video because man its so catchy! I’m in it for the beat~ hehe


Candii Canes <3


I broke the sweets strike T.T Gomen. But the candii cane!! So yummy T.T;;
And the mint chocos…www

So I’m home. I’m thinking of a video to do while on break and actually post it up like.. youtube. Cause my youtube account is lonely.. XD Like… theres only a slideshow video on there. Which people like I guess~

Wow this picture makes my hair look all smooth and flat… thats not how it really is XD pictures are deceving~ www

So for the next two weeks I’m booked!! I have to do good with my mom too cause she’s been mad at me lately T.T Like really… So i alrady cleaned the desk. Gotta clean my room and work on my cosplay! wooo~~ hehe ^-^



Today… was the traditional day where all these girls bring a whole bunch of bags with them to school full of selected presents! Now I said girls cause I didn’t see any guys giving out gifts XD Execpt to maybe a girl? Okay not even that XD

And it wasn’t so bad this year. In past years it was like.. EVERYONE. But today it seemed normal to me. Just I got some candy ^-^ And didn’t have to do work in classes~ wooo

So I got a few things at school. Bags of candy. A penguin magnet thing. Tarei gave me some phone charms and hair clippies~

And thats probably the exent of it. XD

(oh and a gift card from someone but I count that as a real present rather than fillers like candy and the penguin. The phone charms were an actual gift because she knows I love them ^-^)