Archive | December 18, 2008

boat in a bottle


Cute huh?
Boat in a bottle ^-^

I’m giving it to my Enviromental teacher~
He’s awsome for wriitng me a letter of reccomendation~ ^-^

But yep! Cute ^-^

Though wow I look tired o.o;; or something…
Are my eyes pink?!

I don’t cry often, but when I do then something is really affecting me >.< can’t wait for weekend.. I just wanna sleep and be stress free… which also mean finishing all the crap load of homework I have T.T


The Single Life – Sarina Paris

So I’ve always loved this song. Always made me happy~
XD And here’s a great FF movie to go with it… www

I believe me and Kasuki always sing this song… hehe.
It’s catchy!

I do believe the single life is for me (yay for being single!)
Cause I know one day I’ll end up getting married (well I do hope so) and then thats over half my life of NOT being single. So I’m learning to cherish the time I have being single~

Of course theres perks in not being single, well depends actually, on the other person too. But really… I’m happy with friends ^-^




Yea my hair is a mess. Though I look a bit brighter because I took a nap today… that was interesting actually XD

Lets see… I’ve been getting yelled at alot. Most of it isn’t my fault T.T
But I admit some are XD
And others are just parents overreacting

Best way to cope with that? Well I dunno. I have SO much to do though and no time to do it. Really. So thats why my posts have been lame lately. I can actually write so much more~

And yea! So Imma keep working on whatever. Homework stuff mainly. I am so glad for winter break. I need it…really. I haven’t gotten my full hours of sleep for 2 weeks T.T


Scholar pics


These are horrid pictures (which is why I didn’t buy the pictures overall…

Think I sohuld use these for my scholorship thing? Bleh… the bottom one is how its gonna look if I cut it… its… really… bleh. XD


Tonight’s work


So… wow. I can’t believe how much time I spent on one project!I even had help and it took me long >.<;;
Then again there were things to distract me. I was listening to music… and Hunny was running around~ He’s so cute! Though yea… then he started humping the teddy bear -.-;;; my gosh that was scary!

And now I wanna play my DS… even if I’m a bit sleep deprived… I still wanna stay up and plaaaay! >.<;;

I’m such a night person