Archive | December 15, 2008

Kimono @ start


So 3 yards really does go a long way.
And so I played with my cloth a bit today~
With this pink ones imma do a kimono still. Though its gonna be shorter. Like it’ll stop a little above my knees. Then it’ll also flare out a bit.. hopefully… I dunno if that’ll look good cause I haven’t drawn a visual XD and I haven’t really seen anyone do it o.o;; I’ll figure sometihng out~

Then imma make a bow out of the fabric, one for the back, another for my hair. Also a little bag pouch. And… thats it? Of course the kimono itself will take up a lot of fabric but… I think I can do it all!

I think that’ll be my APN project.. www~

I’m scared to mess up though T.T




So I’ve given up sweets for awhile.. at least thats what I said to myself..
Then I find myself eating something sweet >.<

I can’t help it. Such a habit XD

But I shall break it! And becauseI don’t wanna get… sick of it.

So this canday cane is sitting on my desk taunting me.. XD Though candy canes arn’t that good anyhow. They are just ornaments to me.. execpt the mini ones! Those the the best~ hehe!


Rainy Day`


It was a rainy day today! I have to admit it was nice. Only after I got out of bed tohugh… cuase I really didn’t wanna get out this morning T.T;;

And then I forgot to eat breakfast… then went to school in my ugly brown color coat.. BUT! really warm ^-^

Then school was alright. I was outta in. I did lots of tihnking thats why, kept to myself more… which is why I was anti social today. (that and people left me >.>;; thanks..)

Then ah… I’m home.. eating ramen. Lol~

Actually kinda stressing out on all my mom is wanting me to do. So.. argh >.<;;

But yay the rain! All cold~ Not so fond of the wetness. But I like the cold when your.. warm? hehe.