Archive | December 13, 2008

Omgsh! Nuuuu


The leaves were pretty!! ww all colors… well mostly..

But anyways. Omgsh I’m so sad T.T
They ran out of size 1’s for the red dress that I wanted…
I really was gonna buy it but..but.. TT.TT

Thats… whaaaaaaaa….

Kanashii dayo… totemo kanashii… T.T

Well.. nothing I can do now….




It was… so so cold today. And it wasn’t the air cold, I’m okay if the air is cold. What kills me is the freezing WIND that vlows dust into my eyes >.<;;

So in this picture you can kinda tell im cold XD my nose is pink.. cheeks kinda pink XD And uncomfy… I was shivering during the ACT test today >.<

It was then I wished for a hug XD

(which SOMEONE in the same room as me never said hi >.> How mean is that…)

So I endured that. Went to the Fashion Show practice. It’s alright. Apparently I’m the first to go out because.. .well it doesn’t bother me to be doing the whole fashion show. While everyone else is like ‘no you go!’ I’m like wtf XD I’ll just be the first, lol~

And then went home. Went to church. Then since it seemed as there was no practice I’m home again! woo~

Kasuki said I have bags under my eyes.. T.T I’m seirously so tired lately. So if I snap at you or kinda bleh I’m sorry >.<;;


Fin. XD

Fin, such music talk XD

but anyways! I’m finally out of that little room that I took the ACT in!! Rawr XD

It actually was pretty small… I expected south to be much.. nicer. Its not XD Now I like my school sooooooo much more! Just becase.. yea its actually pretty nice. Even though people think my school is ghetto >.>;;

But that ACT was long! I was so bored. Guessed on alot. Since I wasn’t trying really REALLY hard, but I still gave it what I got. Of course XD
And the instructor was cool, funny. I had to use toliet paper as tissue though… and it was all the way on top of the whiteboard and I couldn’t reach T.T;;

So I’m gonna let Kasuki have her computer now XD I’m at her house, gonna go to school sooner or later. Not like imma go to class per say, just gonna be there.

Its uberly cold out!! But its nice ^-^;; if I had some hot cocoa in my hands XD which I don’t…