Archive | December 7, 2008

1 smile.

2 second vid XD

Yea. I ended up doing a random. Really random video yesterday.

At least it made someone happy~ ^-^;;
Yokatta~ As long as I can make one person happy I feel as though my goal for the day been accomplished. Though not like I do live to make others happy XD But its a great bonus~

People think I’m an angel… think of it as an Angel with horns. Just a bit evil. At least I can be, just don’t get on my bad side ne? ^-^;;

Though yea! -dances the caramelldansen-

hehe~ I’m caugh up on my animes! Almost done with Tengen Toppa. Watched up to ep 9 on Skip Beat and Vampire Knight guilty. And I do wish I could start on more but imma just finih tengen toppa when I can. Now imma dedicate my time to hw and trying to finish scholorships… >.<;;


A Sunday llike others~


Man I ended up sleeping late last night >.<;;
So I woke up around 10:30 though I was still tried and wanted to sleep more >.< My mom keeps coming in my room trying to wake me up XD And I finally told her to let me sleep XD;; Which imma probably end up sleeping early today cause I didn’t get all the sleep I needed this weekend >.<;;

OH! But I woke up today and worked.. slowly… on some cosplay. I put the two black things on the tie for miku! They also hold the other part of the tie down to it so its two bird with one stone? Naw. Two pieces of cake with one fork XD lol!

I also made a really cute pink and black bow with a ribbon on it~ Maybe I’ll put that one on my phone actually… tabun. I dun like puting white bows on my phone cause they get dirty easily >.<;;

And now I have some hw and what not to do. And my feet are really cold o.o;; weird XD


The rest of it.


The rest of my day consisted of singing (I did that when I got to school and there was no one around). I think I got the rest of sora iro days done memorized. I’m getting my voice ready for AX XD Just cause I’m not confident with it so I gotta try singing outloud more… >.<;; I’m embrassed though..

And I had dance practice. Not so fond of it. Though it was fun talking to a friend~ Isn’t it always though? But the people there… ah.. I know I can’t really dance. Takes me longer to get things. Also I’m tired so bleh >.< Never too tired to para para though! www

Hum. Played a game in class. Never turned in my hw >.< But he gave me a CD to practice my Viet singing XD lol~ My teacher is the guy that solo singing in church, he’s uberly cool and nice.

And lastly… I’ve been thinking about relationships and all. Since thats all my friend talked about. And man… lets see… Imma promise to myself… to not have another boyfriend while I’m still in high school. Why? Because. High school realtionships don’t go anywhere. And actually, I don’t want them to. I don’t think high school is the place for them. And I don’t feel like just having one if I know it won’t go anywhere.

So thats it for me~ Can’t wait for college! Yay!