Archive | December 6, 2008

The beauty of trees~


Oh Chirstmas tree~
Oh how I love the treeeeeee~

Okay Its… ‘silk’ actually. aka fake. But stilll! Has pretty lights~
I wish it had the pine scent though… I actually like that scent.

So I put my origami decoration on there, the one I got a pmx that the old guy said to put on my tree~ lol!

And lets see. So my mom and sister got it up this morning and decorated it a bit. I think I’ll make like.. a string of origami to put around it or as ornaments. Just for fun~

Its right behind me actaully, the tree. Looks pretty!
I really do love Christmas… i’d be beter if it snowed~


Bleh. Regular School.


Regular. Okay I changed it up of course XD

I actually didn’t ditch! Just stayed around the part of the school where its quiet and none of the little kids are around. But umm yea!

Actually. I  got in ‘trouble’ Cause I was over there and apparently your not suppose to be? And the mean girl in charge made in all go in a line and she was out on embrassing us. Phfff. I was like saying why the heck should I go? Cause really, I just got there. Cause I went to eat XD So I was tlaking and she was wlaking and heard me and said “if you have something to say come up here and say it” So I did that. I went up there. Told her that I don’t even want to be here that since your making a big deal I’ll take off my uniform and go back. Cause I’m only there for the classes. She just looked at me and kept walking with the other peoples so I’m like.. yea. What now. I can stand up for myself BISH. >.>;;

And so this guy was fighting for sitting there too cause all he does is homework, so I joined him and argued. Tho I let her have it, cause I straight out told the other lady that imma just not wear my uniform and sit around. She was like, I guess.

But yea! Thats how I kinda changed things up. I’m happy. Its not that im a rebel. It’s that the place ticks me off >.<;; And I like fighting for the little peoples… ^-^;; THey need a say in things too!!