Archive | December 4, 2008

Shoe <3


Yea you know thats a cool shoe…
I just thought it was really pretty!

I took this pic on my phone which is why I haven’t been able to get it up here till now. Cause now I learned how to send the pics to my email! So now… yay! I can always get a pic whenever~ So I don’t ALWAYS have to have my cammie on me >.< Cause that thing is actually pretty big…

But yea!

WordPress changed the layout of things too. It’s kinda weird. XD
I’m getting used to it. lol. But I believe I can do more now so we’ll see in later posts~


Are YOU going?


So I am officially going to ALA (Anime Los Angeles)

Yay!! ^w^

I’m pretty happy~ I’m thinking of entering in my Miku cosplay for the MAsquarade but… its not done. And I don’t think people want to see a non-full miku. So I’d have to finish it the way its suppose to be done XD With the headset, the wig, etc etc. I don’t really want to get it done that way (cause man me in blue hair? bleh XD) But I guess I’ll finish it sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

Actually I wanted to enter in my euphy cosplay once I do that to the AX one! …. tabun. Cause that one is REALLY competitive.. really.

I dunno. Just… yea XD I want to go see what its like to be on such a HUGE stage!! So awsome… >w<

I’ll think about ALA. I think i’ll end up making a fool of myself XD maybe? I dunno.
I think as long as the crowd isn’t like ‘wtf…get off!’ then i’ll be fine.. lol >.<;;


lawlz @ me


lol! I was having fun takign pictures last night… because I couldn’t sleep and had time to kill >.<

Only bad thing is… theres proof that when I don’t sleep I get some bags T.T;;
Which I don’t see why people get like 3 hours of sleep..
I need at least 7 hours. And im tired as heck. 8 is ideal. 9 is great! and 10 is when im lazy XD

So yep! I woke up a bit ealier today because I slept early last night. Tho I woke up, and fell back asleep… and woke up even later than usual >.< and had like no breakfast… no even ceral at my house anymore >.>;;

Went to school. Did the regular. Bleh. I kinda went thorugh school in a daze. Lots of things on my mind that I can’t comprehend sometimes…bleh. But I kinda talked myself outta it XD lol~


School?! Yosh!


Yes… you know it. Finally got my first acceptance letter!!
Guess what school~?
The school my brother goes to ^-^;;

So thats good my first choice sent it to me first!!
Yay! I can’t wait till high school is over and I can ditch all the drammmaaa~

Okay no drama really… but whatever~
I like how I just left out the next part of the letter.. =P
So your not so SURE what school..hehe