Archive | December 2, 2008

Pink dress~


Socks might remember this dress… XD

But anyways! I last wore this in FRESHMAN year!
Dang huh? Yea really.
It still fits me! More than before actually XD
Now its going a biiit tight. But I can still get in at least XD
I put in on to see if it was like Euphemia’s… not really.
Not puffy at the bottom enough. But I tihnk the length is good because I’ll be wwearing heels…

And I had to check the material.. it feels nice~ All silky type. Thick too actually. Not sure why… some other type might be in the middle.. I have to figure that out >.<;;

And thats my bedroom’s doorway. Target bag XD its my trashcan. I’ve been asking my mom for those hello kitty ones that sit on the ground but she refueses to buy me one XD So I keep it on the door handle. MY dad doesn’t like it there. So I’ll get it eventually XDDDD (its been years tho T.T;;)


Avocado Treat~


Yum… I know XD

Avocado + Condensed Milk + Ice = YUMMY SWEETNESS!

Okay sweet cause of the milk. And it just tastes avocado-ie.
But not too much. And the ice is nice to chew on XD But its there to make it more liquidy
Yes you do have to smush it around a bit so the avocado isn’t in too many chuncks…

Okay so to you it might not be the best..

But to me It’s WINNNNN~ hehe ^-^;;


In MY dreams


So i’m pretty surprised that I’ve been having dreams lately.
And I actually had one today!

It was weird… really weird.

I was graduating… in the blue cap and gown and everything. Kasuki was next to me chattering on. And being… Kasuki XD beind me was Eru though o.o;; Eru… and Saru… if those know who that is…

And that surprised me. Both seemed happy, I guess I was too cause man.. im happy if I graduate! But I found it weird that I was 1. On bleechers? and 2. There were few people there XD

But it just ended since my sister turned on the light! rawr. That hurt >.< THat’s also why I was cranky this morning. Waking up like that is horrid T.T

I’m surprised I remember that all~ lol


late start <3

So I woke up at around 9 today~ It was still hard to get up XD
But I liked getting a couple more hours of sleep~
I woke up, showered. Then got to school on time~

Blah blah. My day is really like any other.
Oh and the picture is old XD I finally learned how to get pictures from my phone to my email (hopefully without charge XD) and    so I’m in the process of doing all that…

But school. sucks. I mean I was walking through the quad and I see everyone… allt he people. And I thought to myself.. “will I miss this?” And I said.. “no”  Why? Because when I was walking through the hallway I saw a girl looks like she’s pregnant. ME and Kasu were like.. wtf. And she’s younger than us. Either she’s having a kid or she is fat. >.>;; (Sorry if you can’t tell im in the best mood right now! >.>;;) But yea. The drama of high school…. I’d rather not have. The supidity of people! Mainly guys mind you. Sorry to offend anyone. But blunty its true.

I can see why people just leave to go community college early because after awhile it seems as though there is no point to high school. There is a point to school and education. But dealing with all the problems that have to go with it!! Its soo… blah.

Sorry for the complaints. I orginally started this at school when I was happy. Now I’m like… wth.


Hey! Say! JUMP’s – Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

So lately I’ve kidna been additcted tot his song XD I dunno why~ Its catchy even tho thier dancing is… bad XD Well its off, not really that bad.

And apparently I gott he making the movie part!
But I like watching it cause..

1. Some of the guys are cute (I can’t help it XD)

2. I just love it that I know the japanese they are speaking! Like I understand!

3. Omgsh the guys have such high voices! I’m like wth XD Its cuteee! Like…adorable cute~

Okay im done XD Night nights!