Archive | December 1, 2008

1st of December!


Yep~ Its that time again~ When the number of the days start back to the beginning~

What a wonderful day. I guess my being busy today is forshadowing my busy-ness soon.
Cause actually.. I am busy!
I’m booked next week >.<
And probably the week afterwards.
I need to get so much done!
1 more chapter in my real estate book too!
Argh >.<

But yea! This day can only be done once… why not make the most out of it yea?
It’s like that question I was asking some friends…
“If you only had one week left to live and couldn’t do anything to change it or delay it, what would you do?”

You know what my answer is? What I’m doing now. I mean I do wish I could explore more of the world. Even if its like a mile away! But at the moment I can’t do that because of my limitations XD So really I’m doing all I can to live to my fullest and happy right now. Which I guess its why its hard to get me down ^-^;;

Hard. But not impossible XD Comon im still human.


The Ceminar..


The hotel was small actually. But nice~

I enjoyed the lobby. Last time I was in a hotel the lobby was all crazy but this one was all quiet. I love just chillin in the lobby with friends… but just with my mom isn’t really anything.

But yea! 3…hours! Sitting on my butt! And being distracted by some cute asian guys behind me >.> But maybe they seemed cool because everyone else in the room was basically ugly XD
Seriously. I’m superficial now I know. >.<;; But I guess its cause it was mostly old people there. Really old. And few young. I was the youngest! At 17!! wooo~~ lol

But that whole thing really took a tole on me T.T;; So tried.. hungry..thirsty!!


Yum.. costcos


Okay so maybe this picture isn’t the best because of the lighting and what not…

But Costco pizza has like light from above shining down on it XD
I seriously love it! Though not that much. Cause really… I don’t like pizza that much >.<

So I’ll basically only eat this kind of pizza or! whatever XD since im not so picky on food.

But I ate some of that today. I’m eating pretty poorly today since of the lack of time.
It’s true. When there is no time you rely on fast foods. Or just food that quick? So fast foods XD

Thats my food rant~ Woo Costco’s Pizza!!


Unexpected events..


So I fell asleep last night really late… around 1 am ish. bleh XD
Was up thinking about cosplay. Apparently some people kinda already expected me to do Euphemia XD

Then I found out I had tutoring today. Rawr XD So I stayed after for 1.5 hours.

Went home. Mom said to go to a seminar with her at the Mariott hotel.
I went. 3 hours there.


So Busy! It’s 10:30 now!