AX come soon!

[picture deleted]

See this? Its paint colors!! But– I’m going to use these colors to pick our the right color fabric for my cosplay XD Since I already got the color wrong once… I want to make sure I get it right the second time XD

Cosplay~<3 =33
I need to really work on this!! And it is decided that for next year’s AX, we’re going to get a booth in the artist ally! I think our ‘product’ will turn heads~ Well actually I just hope people will yell out “KAWAII!!” when they see it XDD

Though I’m in a deliema… if I get to go to Japan next year, It’ll be during the AX time…and I don’t EVER want to miss AX T.T But I guess when it all comes down to it, I’d go to Japan but bring my cosplay with me ^-^;; And go to Akihabara!! X33 Tho a year missing AX would make me terrible sad… because I’d miss out on making friends and seeing ones I’ve made >.<

I <3 AX



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