I Registered!

[picture deleted]

Omgsh my ID picture was taken so quickly!! The guy told me to stand at a certain place. He said “smile” and BAM!! o.o;; Yea he took it then, I was like, seriously? Since look! I’m all slouchy and all >.<;; But I guess its alright since this picture will only be seen on my ID XD But lookie!! I’m a SENIORRRRRR~ I wore green because its my class color ^-^ I wanted to wear pink but I was afraid my dad wouldn’t let me wear it XDD;; It is kinda…ehhhh. Not something I would wear to school. I mean…girls at school already dress ‘slutty’ without my invovlvment, but I dun want myself to seem like that. I only got the shirt cause it looked cute and its pink ^-^ You’ll seee~ When I wear it out!

I was also suppose to see Kasuki-chan at the registration!! But she left early >.<ll thanks XD

Oh my classes unoffically is…
1st – Gov. APN
2nd – English APN
3rd – Enviro Sci AP
4th – Accounting
5th – Stats AP
6th – NOTHING~<3 Yay ^-^



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