A Partttaaay~


Bobaaaaa <3333
I actually tried out Carmel Milk Tea at Tapioca Express in Westminister, not as good as the one at lolicup XD

Today I went to my cousin Kevin’s Party~ It was next to the pool and was actually very nice. Lots of people were there, well not lots but a good size. By the end of the day I got to talk to couple of people I didn’t know. Like there was this one guy and girl tlaking aobut cosplay~ I had lots to say in the subject =^-^=

Though I didn’t hang out too much with the birthday boy XP More with my big cuzzie wuzzie ^-^;;

There was actually this decent looking guy there that talked to me a bit in the car that a girl droze waaaay too fast XDD;; It was fun though! Yet I was terrified, she was going so fast in a residental street!! o.o;;

Wish I did more >.<;;



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