A B-day~


Today is my cousin Kevin Birthday~! Congrats to him ^-^

The picture is what my mom just bought today, grapes that lights up. They actually did look like real grapes though! Very pretty at night time actually~

Sorry there is only one post today. I finally learned how to work the satellite my dad got, I really do like it >.<;; I didn’t know that I would become addicted to it though!! XDD

So I watched Definitely, Maybe for the first time, it was alright actually, but I got kinda bored ^^;;

For that movie I would not recommend it to guys, I don’t think you’d like it. Actually, maybe? The story is like a mystery story for this little girl. And trust me, if you try to just watch the movie not from the beginning, its hard to understand XD So if you watch it, watch the whole thing!!

Oh! The Olympics were really cool, Judo is really something to watch o.o;; and volleyball! I think USA won!! I’ve been watching lots of the Olympics, its really something to see the best of the best around the world go all out. ^w^;;



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