Dear Family,

Thanks for being there for me especially when I feel helpless. It’s great to have someone to always rely on. Although you might not always 100% support what I do.. I know if I show I really want it, I’ll have the support I need.

Dear Gee,

Now your a special case dear xP I suppose I have to thank you the most for the company in all hours of the day as well as saving me from panic so many times. Although my family things I’m the one taking care of you… it’s really the other way around. I know, I’m a handful, but I am really glad your still around even with the crazy xD (So thank you <3)

Dear Cosplay,

Neglected and ignored for almost a year. Although you are the thought that keeps me on track and makes me feel special. I look forward to everything about cosplay… and sewing! It makes me happy and I thank you for existing xD

Dear Friends,

Although I may not always talk consistently to each and every one of you… that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do feel grateful to be surrounded by so many great people! I haven’t forgotten!

Dear Thanksgiving,

It’s great to have a day to thanks people. I went to church in the morning and was so happy to see all the people bring up food and supplies for others at the end. It’s great to see people help others! With that said… I hate how Black Friday has spilled over to this day. Sales starting at 8pm now? Even 6pm? It’s crazy… I don’t like it. My dinner/lunch felt rushed and we talked a lot about what deals were there and money… time. Stressful stuff! I want to keep Thanksgiving a day to eat, relax, and have a time to reflect on the good things in life. So please Thanksgiving, go back to normal T.T

Certainly not the last thing I’m thankful for… but the last one I’ll write…

Dear you,

I know I only may have a few but… it’s the support you give that makes me continue to work and try to always be a good person… to find a way to help others and follow my passion. I’ll keep continuing to do what I love to do with continued support for you guys =3 It’s a hard time for me but… I’m happy to here :]


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3 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Well hope you had a great thanks giving :) where i live you know in germany we dont celebrate thanks giving i guess its a more american/english thing i really dont know why we not celebrate it maybe i dont know alot of the backstory of it (the only things i really know about it is: Sharing,Family,being thankful and something about Turkeys^^) Also you should keep going your path(goal) you set yourself with becoming widely known as cosplayer.You have made a lot of progress from what you were able to pull of in the beginning to what you can do now with sewing its great to see that you learn a lot of new things.At the end of this i want to post a little text i like a lot:)
    and hopefully you can sew soon again to show something awesome:)

    Our dreams will someday come true
    But we can’t just wait for them to happen
    You have to grab them for yourself!

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