Toothy x 2

20140912_110757Yea. I thought this was a wonderful picture… he’s imitating Toothless if you couldn’t tell xD I didn’t have anything interesting recently to post so why not post him! XD Wo! thanks toothy 2.0!

So my posts have gotten slightly… less. I keep forgetting to be honest o.o It used to be what I do at night but it turned into what I tend to do in the morning. And that just kind of ruins my groove xD But lets see.. .yesterday I finally started to watch Game of Thrones! Why has it taken me so long? Kids mainly. I would always be surrounded by kids and from what I’ve watched and what I’ve been told… I’m glad I didn’t before. Boobs just pop out in random scenes in which I wouldn’t have been able to predict >.<

But so far the series is good, yes I’m only on season 1. I got through 5 episodes in a day if that tells you anything about my watching habits xD I also went out yesterday and got snacks! yep. Snacks. Hummus, chips, carrots and bananas… I feel like a healthy spree and the unhealthy chocolate that’s been surrounding me isn’t really …great.

Oh! Did I mention I got a tan from the beach? It’s wonderful. Luckily you can’t notice it and even more luckily it evened out the awkward farmers tan I was getting on my legs from all the skirt wearing xD

And my gosh. this dog. She came into my room to sleep with my today T.T It’s adorable how she’s attached but I feel a little bad every time I have to leave her at home for awhile. This dog… >.>


Beach day


For once we had a beach day :D we took the chance to also surprise Jas with a small birthday celebration~ so that’s part of the cake! Oh and the creeper we took a photo with looks really sad at the cake…. lol. Oh gosh…. we’re odd people.

Anyways it was a really relaxing beach trip. Got s slight tan xD only where I put lotion on myself though, I asked gee to get my back (which he proceeded to do in a really non sexy way but very efficient) and all the part want even the slightest tan.

We poked at sea snails which are sore fascinating. Then saw fish up close but only were able to get close to ones that were either dead or really struggling to live…. sad. T.T
Oh! Also did a sort photo shoot of archer from Dragon nest! Yea… remember that game… hmm.

It was a fun day, super tired to the point where I felt physically tired all day afterwards!

Selfie with the puppy!


She was sleepy and I was trying to take a selfie with her… I don’t think she appreciated that >.>;;

Anyways the past few days I’ve been going back and forth from updating my brand to updating my resume… which gets kinda confusing but meh. I hit the mark where I kinda miss sewing and I feel like I should make a new skirt or dress or something o.o But I don’t have too much extra fabric left which makes me a little sad T.T

Mmm.. other than that. My new heels came in! They were cheap and super adorable and a really great deal :D BUT… Gee has banned me from wearing any heels till at least the end of this month and I’m sorta obligated to listen >.> Why? It’s cause I think of him as my personal doctor/vet/brainbank/artist/manager …. You know that list is probably longer but I think minus the brain bank it’s all just profession xD

Bulba also has finally learned how to go into her crate the first time I ask! And she just sits there not begging for food~ It’s quite amazing~ But now time for sit. Yea. I know I should’ve started with that. I tried! but she wasn’t getting it… but time to try again! With different hand motions.. cause I think I was confusing her o.o

Anyways… Ascension mode in League is SUPER fun. I was suppose to sleep almost 2 hours ago… >.>


Pretty *-*

Things that really get me to design more and better… watching things like this. This is so.. so pretty! Look! from the design and presentation to the dress to how it’d presented and conveyed really send a different kind of message… 

I have to work harder!!





I decided to do something a little different this year for Gee’s birthday so I …. made him a mini cosplay =3 Well in the process… by the time I “gave” it to him it was only half done… and it’s still only half done >.> BUT! At least he got to try it and and see how it fits. I used past cosplay measurements to make it for him… maybe he grew a bit? >.> anyways~ Soooo I’m in the process of finishing a toothless jacket for him :D He wants to put LED lights through the back >.> I might as well let him at this point lol! I thought he was about time that he got a simple cosplay to wear on days where its just w/e XD But then I ended up making it into a jacket with some nice thick fabric… >.> Same as Kiritos….. he died in kirito sooo…. maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea? lol! But it seems like it’ll be ok anyways~

So yesterday I just got our friends together for lots of food and sweets =3 Totally worth :D You can always see pictures on my instagram~~ 

I also just took the dog out to get her 2nd round of vaccinations!! It costed me even more T.T about… $90.. and that’s supposidly “cheaper” I guess people were right when they said dogs aren’t cheap. Now just think… kids. I can see why they are really expensive >.> 

Ok I need to go back to working out~~~ And sleeping more…. really. Need to sleep more.

amgsh…. I saw my aunt just pick her nose and tried to flick the booger towards the dog =.= AGRENGAERGNJbFDMNJG why…. I TRY SO HARD TO KEEP THAT DOG CLEAN! don’t go tainting it with boogers =.= Or bottoms of feet.

Sorry >.>