After show



Wow so I didn’t even know I was MIA for.. a good week or so from bloging. But the nights became long and the mornings got earlier as the time towards the fashion show came! Well… Glad to say that the show went off well~ It wasn’t perfect but for my first show I think it was good! I learned a lot from it and I got 9 new outfits to show off =3 What it did show was that I do have a pretty awesome team behind me with oh so many talents~ So I’m really glad that I have people I can depend on =3

Afterwards there was a good 3 hour photo shoot session which isn’t too surprising cause between the group shots and the individual shoots… Gee was quite busy taking pictures of other girls xD

Afterwards was just KBBQ with some of the models and friends who came to see the show :D And then Boba … then a nap .. then came home around midnight! It was quite the fun day =3 stressful a bit but the models were SO amazing that it made my job easier. 

I decided to take a day off completely today just for some clean up and games! Nothing to stress me out~ And well.. I found myself thinking “what can I sew while watching anime..?” and then going “oh crap not suppose to be working!” and yea. It was sad xD I already want to start sketching out the next project!! IM ON A ROLLLLL~~ LOL 



Crunch time


A week left before my show and… my family doesn’t really get that. My friends do though! Which is always nice but sadly that leaves me to be kinda friend deprived and too much family =.=  Mmm… I barely got any progress today other than a really nice night’s sleep. I got a full … 8 hours? THATS a miracle in itself xD I was so happy~ And the dog didn’t even wake me up =3

We had a “cosplay” day which is what I still call our outings when we do crafts xD I brought EVERYTHINH for the show. Just letting you know the red bag is all my un-cut fabric. The yellow is the bag of cut fabric that is done or close to it. Can you guess which one is a lot smaller and lighter than the other… >.>;; And the other picture is just what my mannequin looked like at one point loll

So yea.. I’m tired. I need to work out. I need to work. And I need to figure out a way to get my parents off my back sooo…yea. Well. Time to get some sleep on. I need to wake up and fight on with another day~



It’s not

I dunno why but this song really made me feel.. peaceful. All the family from out of state left today and they took 1 of the 2 dogs they brought over. Their initial plan was to leave both but… I can’t handle 2 dogs by myself. Not 2 untrained dogs T.T Maybe if I tried 1 then got another but… yea. That’s just me I guess? But all of today Bulba has been feeling down. She doesn’t wanna play and I think she only fetches the toy cause it reminds her of Mimi >.>;; So she’s been sleeping a lot today and wanting to just lay on my lap. Hasn’t really eaten today either. Ahhh… I hope she snaps out of it! But I decided to play some slower music for her to listen to too! cause… I feel for her T.T

I do have to admit she’s more well behaved by herself >.>;;

Anyways. The time left I have for my designs is crazy and my sleeping time looks like its slowly getting reduced to 5. I don’t like this but I do. It’s weird xDDD Still procrastinating on the cape parts though! XD


Just wanna say hi


Was having a little fun with a photo app xD looking to see if I can find better ones… but it looks like this one works well so far =3 I bought this new maroon bow shorts online the other day! Finally wore it… it’s comfy and makes it look like a skirt but it’s perfect for my casual days! Cause I’ve been told I dress like I try to impress and fancy but… that’s the only clothes I really have >.> ziyp I decided to go a little more… Asian~~

Starting to really freak out about timing… especially since I don’t have an outfit to wear to the next con!! Ahhhh what do I wear!? *slowly going crazy*


nap time


My little furry friends got a new pet bed today! Thanks to… my wallet. and my wallet doesn’t really appreciate it but… they love it so much so I’m glad~ Bulba is giving me the “wtf” eye look in this cause I kept talking and waking her up lol! Now that I think of it… it’s the same look Gee gives me when I do something weird >.>Although maybe less mean…? xD

I got a little done today. It’s still dawning on me that I have 2 weeks left. I gotta get help o.o