First day off~

Oh I’ve been seriously slacking with sketching and it makes me sad :/ So I need to start that again… it’s hard to have the motivation to sketch now that Gee has stopped doing them because he’s focusing on his work T.T

And today I spent ALL DAY cleaning my room o.o my closet is now cleaned out completely!! Like… mopped floors and clean walls~ It took a long time and I feel all smelly but… eh. Worth it. Don’t you like how I take my first day off from tax season stuck at home cleaning!? It’s long overdue which is quite surprising. I’m really satisfied with my day though =3

I am SO excited to start on all my projects! I’m thinking of sticking to a schedule cause lately just free doing whatever has just lead to… minecraft =.= So it’s been.. pretty bad I have to say. Gonna really try to discipline myself in the next few weeks… months if I’m really dedicated xD I’m starting to get really stressed out again about the next year though… I really need to apply myself to obtain this goal!!

I’m also thinking about keeping updates on my skin.. because of tax season my skin has gotten SO much worse so I’m on the road to recovering it back to normal! I’m gonna try to keep track of what I do and see what works for me and maybe It’ll help some other people out! maybe? I dunno, doesn’t hurt I suppose xD


Bawk bawkin~


Honestly I love these little smelly chickens xD not like.. hugging love but.. they’re quite entertaining to look at. See the big white one? Yea that’s the bully and the queen xD there are two brown ones that we call pidgeys who kind of look like a ferrow at this point xD

Yea.. chickens.. don’t ask xD

Tax season done!?! Sure I’m not as well off as I’d like to be but honestly that would just make me lazy…I see life is just gonna give me barely enough to scrap by again =3=
What will I do? Well I won’t be lazy … but tomorrow is a cleaning day because that has been neglected quite awfully… kind of itching to clean too! Ever had that feeling? Where your room is just so dirty even you can’t stand it xD I’m at that point… worst part is is that I have 2 other girls in the room -.- you’d assume that would be good.. nope!


I can make my own food

 photo 20140413_150807_zpsb26030c4.jpg

Helped cook my own birthday lunch at home today… which isnt so bad cause in these instances I just use it to find a new recipe and run with it lol But this is like the table before and.. the table (sorta) after:
 photo 20140413_154902_zpsd17490e2.jpg

So this time I grilled the asparagus and then also made the pasta salad! And it was great cause we just had a bowl of fruit on the table.. and it was GONE o.o nom noms =3

It was great cause it felt like the old days where we didn’t want to invite friends over so it would just be our “cousins” which was great anyways. But now it would have been perfect is one didn’t… bring his gf >.> =.= So they left early cause of her and I wasn’t very happy about that. Not that they left early but because some of them also left without really say goodbye just because she was bored =.= Hey. you came girlie… =3=

Anyways… I’ve hit the stage where I don’t really get any gifts from family other than the occasional money.. which my mother is telling me to spend on clothes. And she won’t be far off on that since I will be spending it on fabric! Just.. maybe raw fabric not made into a piece of clothing yet >.> ..

… and food.

Other than that.. good day~ Also got snacks from the store! How can you not love that~~

TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL IM FREE. I think I’ll do some online shopping tomorrow =3


Latte time!


Had a morning brunch in Hollywood! Why? mmm.. .circumstances just lead me there xDDD Gave me a chance to try out a really popular cafe there! Look! They’re known for their lattes so I got a matcha green tea one =3 And a Panini that you dip in tomato dipping sauce.. it was all so amazing *-* The boba there was also SO GOOD =3 Really.. I was amazed and that’s new for a tea enthusiast like me xD I can’t wait to go again but with… my preferred company xD

So my morning from 8 to noon was spent on that and then I took a nap … then ran off to work xD A busy day but it was good… productive! I don’t mind the mornings but I also love the nights… it’s a horrible love/hate relationship right now. Back to my 5 hours of sleep… man I hope I get a nap in tomorrow…


Gained a level~


Aha xD Happy birthday to me~? It’s really just an excuse to eat out at nice places and dress up a little! So I wore my chiffon block dress which ended up getting a little ruined from my belt puckering the threading and I may have dropping some food on myself at one point >.>

Anyways! I started off the day with… just catching up with my brother and cousin then off to work by showing a house >.> Which was kinda stressful cause my brother got the address to me wrong =.= And then I was late to meeting with Gee because of that t.T But! We had a nice lunch together, just the two of us~ Which I requested since we don’t have a nice lunch/dinner out together since we’re so far apart xD Afterwards we picked up Heather and went to do some light shopping! And then dinner =3

The picture is just all the wonderful gifts I got.. missing a few though. Gee is a crazy dude that got me like 4 different gifts in one o.o A board, color pencils, ruler, ELEPHANTS :D food… lots of food and boba *-* I’ve been spoiled T.T And then more food from my friends, joanns gift cards and sunglasses! It’s wonderful… I hate that they gave me gifts but its been nice since my family has hit the stage where we don’t give gifts anymore…

<3 Celebrating being a year older~ It’s not too bad if you celebrate it =3

Ps. Allt he birthday wishes are awesome, thanks to everyone =3